Walleo Customer Benefit is intended for businesses wanting a turnkey customer benefit program built around the sale of mono brand eBons (eVouchers) at discounted price. Walleo Benefit is totally customizable : colors, logo, list of brands, customer discount rate by brand, etc.


eWallet (mobile & desktop)

Walleo Customer Benefit can be offered as a standalone web application, but can also be integrated into your own mobile applications through a Webview.

The e-Wallet is based on PWA (Progressive Web App) technology. PWA delivers native-like user experience, with speedier conversion and cleaner browsing even with a poor Internet connection. Its key advantage lies in its ability to vary infinitely in white label and to be embedded in native mobile applications.


Walleo Benefit can provide a customer repository and an autonomous
authentication system but can use yours via your OAuth API or equivalent.

Augmented loyalty or launching from scratch of a benefit program

Walleo Benefit can be your only customer benefit program but it can also enhance your existing loyalty program. The customer benefit can be immediate or feed a loyalty kitty.

Full API

Walleo Benefit can also be offered in full API, you develop your own user interfaces without having to rebuild the mechanics of the underlying application.

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Walleo has a catalogue of
more than 100 eBons-issuing brands representing 25000 eligible shops.

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