In a few clicks, create your private label multi-brand gift voucher. Theme your Multi Voucher around a topic (Christmas, Wedding, Fashion, Home & Garden, Mom…) by picking from our catalogue of 100 retail brand currencies. Issue and distribute them by API. Beneficiaries receive a magic link giving them access to an e-wallet from which they can exchange their Multi Voucher credit against the eBons of their choice. Practical : in its mobile version, the e-wallet allows beneficiaries to order and then spend their e-Vouchers in-store under a unified user experience.

Walleo Multi Voucher is particularly aimed at :

Incentive agencies in charge of rewarding partners, employees or consumers in the following context :

• Employee motivation programs,
• Distributor incentive programs,
• Sales incentive programs,
• Instant win campaigns,
• Referral programs,
• Loyalty programs,
• Surveys and panels.

Works councils (directly or via a provider) or employers in charge of rewarding employees with the possibility of being exempt from social contributions.


With Walleo Multi Voucher incentive agencies can :

• create their own Multi Voucher brand,
• create a category Multi Voucher for a specific reward campaign, categories can be created in a few clicks,
• set a reward budget,
• issue and send Multi Voucher by API call,
• add impactful campaign banners,
• deliver the reward in a virtual customizable gift
box revealing the Multi Voucher.

With Walleo Multi Voucher works councils or employers can :

• buy tailored category Multi Voucher in line with exempt events in a few clicks (Christmas, birth, wedding, Mother’s day…),
• follow the social exemption ceilings per employee,
• be invoiced in compliance with the social charges legislation,
• allow beneficiaries to purchase year-round discounted retail branded currencies (mono-brand eBons) with their credit card.

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