The easiest way to embed prepaid vouchers in your marketing product

Use Walleo APIs to issue your own custom branded multi-brand vouchers, embed prepaid vouchers from more than 100 brands in your reward programs or build a tailored e-wallet where your customers can save on prepaid vouchers purchases.

Prepaid vouchers can be mono-brand or multi-brand,
they are dematerialized, we refer to them generically as eBons or multi-eBons when combined together.

Walleo has a catalogue of
more than 100 eBons-issuing brands representing 25000 eligible shops.

Walleo distributes its catalog of mono branded eBons through 3 channels :

A marketplace for buying mono-brand eBons in bulk. Mono-brand eBons can be ordered and retrieved by API calls in an automated way. eBons are delivered in two formats : pdf and raw codes.

The mobile and desktop e-Wallet allowing your customers to buy eBons from a wide range of hight street or online brands at an amount lower than their face value and store them in a digital wallet to be presented at the point of sale.

The solution for issuing tailored multi-brand vouchers that can be themed and exchanged for mono-brand eBons from our catalog of more than 100 brands. Multi Vouchers can be offered as rewards or sold in-store or online to the general public.